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a student at one of our woodworking classes at Rowden Atelier

The Business of Woodwork

For a lot of students, Rowden is a change in direction. They have a career behind them, some with experience and skills they can call on in a business related field. However, most have little to no experience as a cabinetmaker or in the craft of fine furniture making. Our business syllabus conveys the specifics of the business of professional furniture making and design.

Syllabus Overview

The Rowden business syllabus covers all the practical aspects of setting up as a successful cabinetmaker. Its taught by Jonathan Walter, former VP with major investment bank Goldman Sachs, now a successful furniture maker running Bark Furniture in nearby Bude.

A tutor at Rowden instructing a student on a woodworking course for beginners
student notes on a furniture building course at Rowden Atelier

The course does cover the generalities such as cash flow management, budgeting and time management, but also the specifics – workshop layout, rental options, pricing, client management, marketing your work in today’s market. It explores what works and what doesn’t, beyond a fine woodworking school. As is the case across the Rowden curriculum, the business syllabus is rich with crucial information.

It incorporates 1:1 sessions, where individual specifics and ideals can be discussed in detail, the path forward realised, and a roadmap on how to get there. Whether setting up under your own steam or  moving into the industry, its vital to understand the business of woodworking.

Rowden student checking box components in the workshop