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An article on Pearwood

First published in British Woodworking Magazine July 2008 Pearwood is one of the most sensual and satisfying of hardwoods that a furniture maker can encounter.

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Last month we talked about making a cabinetmakers workbench. This month we are going to make and fit a cabinet maker’s end vice. The end

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Right, I am going to try to explain open and closed grain, once and for all. Why? Because it has taken me far too long

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Constraints: Possibly the first and most fundamental constraint that anyone involved in craftsmanship experiences lies at the heart of the arts and crafts debate. I.E.

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Oak and Stainless Steel

We recently had a question from an enthusiastic woodworker and former student at Rowden, about a coffee table he is working on. Head Tutor, Daren

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Making Your Own Veneers

Veneers Wood selection is arguably the most fundamental of decisions for a cabinetmaker. When planning a new piece of furniture, colour, grain patterns, use and

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