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Learn Woodworking

Since our inception, we have carried a philosophy; to respect the craft in fine furniture design and making, and to push our students to do the best work they can, regardless of their experience or background.

a cabinet made in elm on a woodworking course at Rowden Atelier

What rowden does

Rowden is an institution pursuing excellence in fine woodwork and furniture making. Our students are learning to achieve precision in their woodwork and match that with unique and fully resolved design skills. We are balancing accuracy with speed, elegance with a pragmatic approach in cabinetmaking. To learn woodworking at Rowden is to experience working at the highest necessary tolerances and to the highest level of distinction.

The courses at Rowden have been honed over three decades and consistently enable students to pursue their objectives beyond the atelier, with a professional approach to woodwork. Most students leave Rowden in pursuit of a career as a furniture designer/maker. Still, our approach to educating is sufficiently unique that some have moved in other directions as well. Of course, Rowden alumni are accomplished furniture makers. Still, some have chosen to concentrate their efforts at the bench as luthiers, making bespoke fitted cabinetry and a whole host of other different niches.

a student on a fine woodworking course at Rowden Atelier
close up of a drawer, on a student made cabinet, made as part of a fine furniture making course at Rowden Atelier

your experience

Most join Rowden with experience as a hobbyist woodworker or even no knowledge at all, just a desire to work with wood. No experience means very few habits to unlearn and little to no preconceptions. It can appear daunting, but the time spent learning at Rowden means accessing a curriculum that is very intensive and instils an enormous amount of knowledge in a relatively short period.

Others come to Rowden with a professional making background or other facets of woodworking experience. All of them are doing so to up their game and take their work to the next level.

What is shared amongst all of our students is the want to pursue excellence in the work. Regardless of whether you are a professional maker or have never picked up a hand plane, our woodworking courses ensure you start woodworking the right way and understand how to achieve exceptional work in at the bench.

Through a solid foundation of practical knowledge that progresses quickly into advanced subjects, the Rowden curriculum delivers consistently outstanding results.

piston fit drawers, made on a furniture making course at Rowden Atelier