One Week Woodworking Course – Rowden Atelier

One Week Woodworking Course

The One Week Course is for those who want to understand on a more visceral level, what a year at Rowden might feel like. It also is a course for individuals who want to understand and develop the most fundamental skills associated with accurate cabinetmaking.
Rowden student checking for square on a component on a furniture making course
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Course Overview

In the One Week Course, you will learn from the ground up, the professional methods that ensure exactness in your woodwork. We introduce the fundamental disciplines, setting the stage for quality furniture making.

The course mirrors the first week of our Six Month Professional Maker and Twelve Month Professional Designer/Maker courses. As such, students with us for one week start to get to grips with the same skill and accuracy, that is associated with Rowden trained professional makers.

Rowden students have such an advantage compared to other makers - you will go miles further than the rest … I'm impressed.
John Makepeace OBE - July 2022

How your hand and body relate to bench planes, chisels, and hand tools in general, is critical to their correct application. You will learn to hold them, to position yourself at the bench, and work with your whole body, not just your forearms. We will teach you to create dead flat surfaces, plane adjacent square edges, and create dimensioned components. You will do this all with relatively simple tools to an accuracy of 0.25 mm. We look at tool set-up, sharpening (independent of unnecessary honing guides), assembly and finishing techniques. It is a rewarding and intensive course that gives you a taste of the demands of professional-grade woodworking.

Many write off hand tool woodworking as ideological or assume that is it an old fashioned way of making furniture. At the highest professional level, that couldn’t be further from the truth. Regardless of the course, Rowden students start with hand tools because they are a crucial component if you are looking to reach a professional type level of output.


Where this course can take you

One week at Rowden provides students with the foundational knowledge of accurate and precise cabinetmaking. Even in five days, students often feel a shift in mindset. It should open your eyes not just to the work we do at Rowden, but to what you can achieve with a tool in your hand. A week at Rowden will often ignite a spark, with students finding themselves keen to push further and find out what they can achieve. Having spent time at the workbench and experienced our methods it is not unusual for this course to be a prelude to our full six or twelve-month courses. Regardless, in the week students will also be able to take advantage of our daily lectures alongside our current full-time students, in sessions covering a wealth of designer / maker insights.

a student on a short woodworking course at Rowden Atelier, UK

Your Tutors

Jonathan Walter, Jon Greenwood or Ed Wild will guide you through this course. Each is an exceptional maker in their own right. You can find our more about them and the rest of us at Rowden on our Meet The Team page.

Logistics: Getting to Rowden

Every year around 99% of our students are coming from elsewhere in the UK or the world. In our short courses, students often want to test life at the bench, seeing if Rowden is the right environment for them. Students at Rowden are anywhere between 18 and 80. Universally there are logistics to consider.

Can I do this? Where will I stay? How will I get around? What is Devon or the UK like? We can help with all of these questions. Our FAQ’s page will answer most but get in touch if you would like to discuss your specific situation.

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