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A complete fine woodworking education

Since our beginning, we have carried a philosophy to respect the craft of fine furniture design and making. We do this whilst pushing our students to do the best work they can regardless of their experience or background.

The Twelve Month Professional Designer / Maker course is for those wanting a complete education in fine furniture craftsmanship. Twelve months at Rowden provides the making skills as well as artistic and technical design knowledge, to become a cabinetmaker at the highest level. This course is the same, regardless of your level of experience; quality of craftsmanship matters, not the quantity of furniture produced. This course sets students on a clear path in fine furniture craftsmanship and ensures their work stands alongside the best in our industry today.

Tutor Ed Wild, assists a student in a glue up, part of a furniture making course at Rowden Atelier, fine cabinetmaking school
Focus on finest

The Six Month Professional Maker course teaches students how to reach the highest levels of precision in furniture making and woodwork. It mirrors the first half of our twelve month course, providing a highly structured and precision led cabinetmaking curriculum.

Students leave with a wealth of knowledge in furniture making, often going from here into some of the most prestigious cabinetmaking workshops in the world. Six Months at Rowden gives full immersion at the level necessary for professional woodworking and is a thorough initiation into fine furniture craftsmanship.

It's amazing to see the calibre of student that leaves Rowden. We've employed a number of Rowden-trained makers over time, and they go great guns when they get here.
Bill Garvey - Chairman, William Garvey Furniture - September 2022
Gain the core
skills fast

The DBS Designer / Maker Bursary is available for students under 23 years old, applying for a place on our Twelve month Professional Designer/Maker course. A successful application provides the student with a £3,000 grant, redeemable against the course tuition fees. The bursary is for those students with an expressed interest in woodwork who want to pursue a career in cabinetmaking.

Expert advice
on hand
a hand plane on a workbench, being used on a furniture making course at Rowden Atelier

For students who want to transition into serious woodworking but not necessarily turn pro, the one month course is often a perfect fit. It focuses on working with hand tools to learn the principles of cabinetmaking, in the same way as students starting on our six and twelve month courses.

With four weeks dedicated at the bench, students leave with a newfound confidence in their handwork. They can create a professional level of joinery and will be able to apply these skills to a multitude of projects. It’s a detailed introduction at the professional level for students regardless of existing talent, or experience.

shavings from a hand plane, in use on a Rowden Atelier furniture design course

One week courses are intensive. Conducted over five days with expert guidance, we cover the first principles in fine woodworking. For those who want to test how Rowden feels, the one week course is ideal. Accordingly, it’s often a prelude to our full six and twelve month courses. We teach students to create perfectly flat and square components and how these apply in precise woodworking.

It is the beginning of a mindset shift in how to approach furniture making. This is a practical course, taught at the bench as students start to uncover the skills associated with Rowden-trained makers.

a small box and hand tools on the workbench at Rowden Atelier

For those looking to dip a toe in the craft of woodworking, our weekend courses are project-led and explore working with hand tools over two days. Award winning Rowden tutor Ed Wild runs this course for everyone from beginners, to those looking to develop specific skills as a woodworker.